Friday, August 12, 2011

Music My Passion!

Mother strokes her big belly, carrying a 6month year old baby and attending rock music festivals, what kind of a cool mom are you? watching dad all the way from moms body, hearing him sing out loud, the voice so powerfull that even when inside the womb I applaud with great proudness to you dad, for being the greatest musician i've ever known.

Having carried both your artistic and genes of talent, I was soon born to this world. By the age of 1year and 4months as you say mom, I having a ear to pick up music, picked up the hymn and began to play the piano and hum my first song "Silent Night, Holy Night". Ever since My parents and off course I knew my Musical Life had begun.

Begining primary school at AMI Montesorry where at the age since 4years, I brought out all my talent at school concerts and various other performances. Having not looked back at my life of music since then I have continued my performances in all other schools I atteneded. It certainly didnt stop there, yet it continued. At the early age of 16years I participated in the all island musical talent contest "TNL ONSTAGE 2002". This was the event that gave me a platform to bring out my true talent, my Passion for Music, my Singing. With four competitive rounds and a Big Finale I had the great oppertunity to Win The "Best Soloist Category" that year.

Ever since I certainly havent looked back nor stop but continued singing my heart out in every oppertunity I had been given. Music makes me Happy, It unites me with the universe. Its a language that speaks directly to my heart and soul feeding me with great pleassure.A big Thank You for my Family, Friends, loved ones and off course all my loving fans, for the endless supoort and stregtth you have all given me.

Till death do us apart, from the day of conception to the day my soul shall rest, Music my Passion let it heal me..................

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