Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Notting Hill Carnival...

A time to celebrate the goodness in life and bring out the colorful personalities. Time to unleash the beauty within people through costumes, culture, food, beer, laughter and music from the West Indian world!....

Since 1964 the streets of London in the west Notting Hill area, people from the west indian community lead the parade every year in august for two to three days of non stop carnival. Families, friends and visitors from around the world gather to take and taste a glimpse of this extravagent carnival so colorful and beautiful. Yes you also see all the lovely sexy ladies and their humps and bumps:)

Now how can any Carnival happen to its fullest potential if they dont have the Fashion, Disco and Beauty Queens parading their too..??? hehehe so yes Me, Matilda and Christina along with Adam and lovely Berit paraded the streets of Chelsea and Notting Hill dancing away with the rest of  the 2 million of other people.

In This Carnival we girls make the rules up as we go and if you ever wanted to break one or two Notting Hill Carnival is sure the place to do so... :) Make sure you are a part of this carnival next year August as this is the second best biggest carnival in the world which is a must must see:) !

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Girls, Girls, Girls.....Long Legs, Red Lips, Fingertips, Dancing down London all night , Everywhere and Anywhere, Girls, Girls, Girls....... :)

Christina the Disco Queen, Matilda the Fashion Queen and Off course Chatz the Beauty Queen are turning London upside down! Gin and Tonic, Rum and Coke and JD on the Rocks sure does the trick for us girls to get on our feet and shake what our mamma's given us:)

Partying Non Stop, hangovers and pancakes with coffee the next morning, giggles of extraordinary moments spent each minuite , we sure are living life to the fullest. Could it happen anywhere in the world? I would say so But right here In London Town we are jiggling it all the way...... :)

Girls, Girls, Girls, Tight Pants, Straight Hair,  Dancing the night away in London Town Everywhere and Anywhere, Girls, Girls, Girls........................

The Party Just Continues............ !

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Gotta Love London !

Here I am back in the city after 1 year....so busy that the world says "It Never Sleeps" so true... so much to do so much to shop, Food, Fashion, Fun, Friends and Family.....simply.... Fabulous.... :)

Having great friends such as my beautiful eyes, my Christina here in White City im seeing London all over again in a whole new perspective. Enjoying new moments which I never thought I would or could once again back where I grew as a person and met many great friends during the 5years I lived here.

A time to cease all pain. A time to wake up and enjoy Life as it comes. With much mixed emotions I walk around great london with many thoughts to my self that I cannot share with anyone but me! Im feeling new things that I thought I would never ever feel, it's like my senses are awakeneing me. If im honest to myslef even I dont know what is happening to me.

But what I do know is spending time with Shanika, Christina, Tobi and lots of my friends and even new friends... I have forgotten what it truly is to live life to the fullest.

Dining out, Arts that speaks to your heart, spending your hard earnt money on labels instead of love is something I never felt gulity about.. and that you can do right here in London!:) cinema and popcorn and a good old laughing time with a girlfriend as great as Stina, a great girl movie like "bridesmaids" is sure a great night out.. but wait.. the pubs.. the beer... the cocktails and the JD's ooooohhhh the MUSIC???? you gotta love LONDON!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Music My Passion!

Mother strokes her big belly, carrying a 6month year old baby and attending rock music festivals, what kind of a cool mom are you? watching dad all the way from moms body, hearing him sing out loud, the voice so powerfull that even when inside the womb I applaud with great proudness to you dad, for being the greatest musician i've ever known.

Having carried both your artistic and genes of talent, I was soon born to this world. By the age of 1year and 4months as you say mom, I having a ear to pick up music, picked up the hymn and began to play the piano and hum my first song "Silent Night, Holy Night". Ever since My parents and off course I knew my Musical Life had begun.

Begining primary school at AMI Montesorry where at the age since 4years, I brought out all my talent at school concerts and various other performances. Having not looked back at my life of music since then I have continued my performances in all other schools I atteneded. It certainly didnt stop there, yet it continued. At the early age of 16years I participated in the all island musical talent contest "TNL ONSTAGE 2002". This was the event that gave me a platform to bring out my true talent, my Passion for Music, my Singing. With four competitive rounds and a Big Finale I had the great oppertunity to Win The "Best Soloist Category" that year.

Ever since I certainly havent looked back nor stop but continued singing my heart out in every oppertunity I had been given. Music makes me Happy, It unites me with the universe. Its a language that speaks directly to my heart and soul feeding me with great pleassure.A big Thank You for my Family, Friends, loved ones and off course all my loving fans, for the endless supoort and stregtth you have all given me.

Till death do us apart, from the day of conception to the day my soul shall rest, Music my Passion let it heal me..................