Monday, July 25, 2011

Life in the Media

Camera Roll.....STANDBY.....READY.....and ACTION.........

Out of all my desperate struggles in life, I fnally found a job that allows me to bring out my true personality. Yes being a part of a great TV station and being able to host my very own shows, is the best thing I have ever done in my entire life.

I began my Media life at the age of 15. Ever since winning TNL ONSTAGE my career in the music industry and in the media industry began. This has always been a great dream of mine to connect with people through music, the one language that brings the world close. Today being part  of the TV and having a career that was just made for me makes me truly happy.

To many of you who think Media life is great YES it sure is, the whole production team plays such a vital role in putting all acts together. Behind the scenes we all work so hard to make sure you guys enjoy the best shows and off course we put all our efforts in making the best TV shows possible simply for your viewing pleasure.

Now to all you music lovers you can tune to CSN or Prime TV channels within Sri Lanka, and to all who wants to watch it online, the page is and enjoy "The Global Music Show" every weekday at 11am (Sri Lankan time), where I host and present you the best of today's, yesterdays music from all over the world. A great variety of music videos, Hot Celeb Gossip , Fashion tips and so much more. Also to everyone who wants to have a chit chat with me on live TV you can watch "Music Runway" every weekday at 6pm (Sri Lankan time) and call me on 0094-112775283 for all requests and dedications. To all of you who are further interested about these shows and wondering how you can contact me, log on to Facebook through your profiles and simply type, "Music Runway" and for the other show "Global Music Show" and you can access our very own fan page where you are free to post your comments and views.

Now to all my frequent callers and great fans who have supported me endlessly a big Thank You! for being a great audience. If it isn't for you lot, this show wouldn't be possible. Also a big Thank You for my great friend Yasara for giving me this opportunity, its been amazing and working with the producer Malinda and Dulanjanee, and the rest of the crew you guys rock. Keep up the good work.

Finally I must tell you all "Never give up on your dreams, cause you never know when the next may come true" Dream big, Dream not just while your asleep but mostly when your awake".

Always remember when one door closes many other doors open :) So Go out, and grab your future dreams may it be in the media sector or perhaps a different category. Either way Good Luck to you all!

AND>>> CUT...........

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