Friday, September 30, 2011


Bump Bump and Boom Boom, its gonna be a Bumpy Ride......

You pulled me under, you pulled me over,
made my body surrender tonight,
who can love me? who can hold me? 
You will never find someone like MOHOMBI.... :) 

A warm heart and a very down to earth  person is he. Half Swedish and Congolese no wonder he is so Good looking:) Having come from a family as big as 14 kids I had the pleasure to meet not only Mohombi but his brother JOE who encouraged Mohombi to get into the spotlight.  

Hanging out together and having cocktails with the entire team it sure was an honor:) And it doesn't end there, Tonight is the BIG Night. MOHOMBI LIVE IN CONCERT ft IYAZ be there at CH n FC grounds 7pm onwards, for a night to remember:)

Under the Coconut Trees we stand
I will never forget this summer here in Colombo..... AYUBOWAN !

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Obsessive Love

As I see you walking towards me
A rush of feelings sweep through within
Do I think your infatuated with me
Is this, a beginning for you and me

Obsessive love  you and me...... Yeah
Strong feelings I fight deep within
All a long, controlled, in denial I see
The sorrow of wanting to be with you

Need to know if its me that you need
Jealousy comes inside screaming, crushing
And I see you staring straight at me
Is this where it ends for you and me

Obsessive love you and me....... Yeah
Strong feelings I fight deep within
All a long, controlled, in denial I see
The agony of yearning to be with you

Destruction has found its way,
to destroy whats left of us.....
Obsessed love brought me down, Seething rage has just begun
Through it all I fight my way back
From this obsessive love wheel.

Obsessive love you and me....... Yeah
Strong feelings I fight deep within
All a long, controlled, in denial I see
The misery of wanting to be with you

Obsessive love you and me....... Yeah
Strong feelings I fight deep within
All a long, controlled, in denial I see
The distress of wanting to be with you................

Music Video Out! Enjoy xxx

Saturday, September 17, 2011


A Soul is Eternal! It has One beginning and No End. How you nurture your soul is completely in ones hands. For many of us we forget to nurture and enrich our souls to higher standards. We forget to feed our souls with good deeds. Acts of Love, Kindness, Forgiveness are a few deeds among many other that one could preserve somewhere deep within to enhance the beauty of your soul.

I have met and still continue meeting humans who have Two kinds of Souls. Some carry Goodness and Greatness in them where as sadly many have darkened souls that are hidden in the depths of destruction.

Annaki, You however certainly know how to hold a Beautiful yet a Pure Soul. A soul that is filled with goodness beyond imagination. You are one in a million that perseveres such purity. If one knew you they would instantly be mesmerized by your golden heart that is filled with much Love which is the key as to why your soul is so Beautiful to me.

Your existence in my life is greatly thanked to the high  one above each day, and off course I take this opportunity to tell you how precious you are to me. Words cant express my appreciation of your love to me. Day to day knowing i'm loved by you endlessly, I have reasons to be strong because of humans like you. I thank you today for being my strength during hard times.

You have once again without a shadow of doubt proved to me how wonderful life is to have you and your Beautiful Soul!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Safely returned home, back in sunny exotic Sri Lanka. Thinking about the great time I have had in London, I just cant get enough of it as my heart screams to go back there. Feeling unwell after an operation that I have had due to excess toxic of pure alcohol ...  hmmmm now whose to be blamed for such intake? my partners in crime off course.. Yes Christina and Matilda I greatly miss you two deeply.

Trying, but very painfully I sit in bed right now thinking how much you made my trip alive with all the love, laughter and off course during my hurtful times you two were both there for me and in fact you still continue to give me all your love. You both showed me that the distance between any ocean nor any mountain or any barrier could not break or tear our friendship a part.

Thank you for being two amazing human souls who have been there for me during this difficult time. I Miss You deeply and cant wait to spend more moments together soon. Till then my Swedish beauties, Skype Dates and various other technology will keep us all close to each other at all times.

All My Love and Thoughts........

I MISS YOU!.................

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sometimes I wonder why,
You...never came close to me.....
Tell me why, you made me cry,
Now I know it was not worth my time.....

Should I listen for the first time..
Should I make you wanna be mine...
Should I fight this empty feeling inside..
or Should I let it fade in time...

Sometimes I wonder why,
I pushed you so far away,
Tell me why, its now I try,
To understand and make it worth my time.. Yeah..

Should I listen to my heart this time
Should I make you wanna be mine
Should I fight this strong love inside
or Should I let it burn in time......

Leaving all this pain aside you still made my  heart cry
Lost inside this pain my heart devours what's inside
Thinking were we meant to be
Am I loosing my mind
All I wanted was to be with you.....

Should I Fight this feeling baby....yeah.....
Should I just make you Mine.... Oooohh ...
Should I have ya or shouldn't' I
Should I Should I never Baby......
Could I Just Let it all disappear.......

Sometimes I wonder why, you never came close to me......