Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Notting Hill Carnival...

A time to celebrate the goodness in life and bring out the colorful personalities. Time to unleash the beauty within people through costumes, culture, food, beer, laughter and music from the West Indian world!....

Since 1964 the streets of London in the west Notting Hill area, people from the west indian community lead the parade every year in august for two to three days of non stop carnival. Families, friends and visitors from around the world gather to take and taste a glimpse of this extravagent carnival so colorful and beautiful. Yes you also see all the lovely sexy ladies and their humps and bumps:)

Now how can any Carnival happen to its fullest potential if they dont have the Fashion, Disco and Beauty Queens parading their too..??? hehehe so yes Me, Matilda and Christina along with Adam and lovely Berit paraded the streets of Chelsea and Notting Hill dancing away with the rest of  the 2 million of other people.

In This Carnival we girls make the rules up as we go and if you ever wanted to break one or two Notting Hill Carnival is sure the place to do so... :) Make sure you are a part of this carnival next year August as this is the second best biggest carnival in the world which is a must must see:) !

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  1. Ahhhhh looked like a lot of fun:) I love these moments in life, where you completely let yourself go, and be you.