Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Thank You For, Friendship

In the journey of life, when all things find its way to go wrong, and your left isolated in a cold world you somehow begin to realize , there are still people who believes in you. Who has faith in you that you will stand up again and live life. Those people who are with you till the end in spite of what wrong you may have done or what good you have done, that people are your true companion your friend. A friend in need is great indeed.  Luckily I’m blessed with great friends who until now have supported me to believe in all great things again. At times of doubt, fear, no hope they, yes friends are always there to help you get through it all. They forgive you and not judge you yet love you for that one person you truly are.

My Shmana, You have been an endless supporting strength to me, not just the bad times even the good, you’ve been through it all. You always believed in me when others failed to. You gave me the courage to stand strong when the world put me down. When love failed me you still love me. Your kind heart that’s so pure draws me closer and closer to you each day.

My Anna, My energy, my comfort, your love and amazing friendship is yet un-believable. From the very first day we met you have always helped me in multiple ways. Your craziness gives me thrills to be around you. At the same time your sensitive heart so beautiful makes me love you each day for who you truly are. I miss you so much and I know our friendship is just growing stronger each day no matter where we are in the world.

My Nadini, You are my oldest friend and the first friend who has always taken my back when things aren’t right. You have your secret way of showing affection but deep down you have a heart of gold. Your patience with me is tremendous. I thank you for believing in me each time I have fallen. I love how you always teach me from wrong to right.  Your way of help is something I always admire. There’s not a shadow of doubt that we will be friends forever.

My Anushka, My Gold, your such a rare friend because you know when to have fun , when to be serious and when to reach out to someone. You have reached out to me in various ways. You always manage to put me in my place. You’re a great friend to have and I will treasure you always.

My Sanshia, My survivor, your strength I always will look upto. You are an example to the world on how know matter what life brings you down you always seem to get back up. Your pain and love I feel it all. You’re always around with a smile. Your life alone is an inspiration to me. I will always be there for you as I know how you will always be there for me.

My Yasara, we have been friends for a very long time. During this time I discover a new you all the time. That new you is full of love, compassion and honesty. Each time we meet, you always encourage me on how to be better at things. Your encouragement has made me stronger. Your honest words of life is incredible.  Thanks for being a part of my life.

My Shamin, You’re the most amazing person I have ever met. Your talents I admire in you each day and seeing you grow into this wonderful person makes me proud of you. I have been with you when your high and when your low. Each time I only see kind eyes looking back at me with so much of love in that heart. Your ways of expressing that love is indescribable. I’m ever so glad you’re in my life and I thank you with all my heart for being there for me know matter what.

My Farah, in spite of all struggle we both have had in our lives, we have always connected in such a special way that until now and always i will have you as a great friend. You are an amazing woman filled with amazing values and beliefs.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving me endlessly for who I truly am.

Yes, I am truly blessed with great friends. I have many more that I keep very close in my heart and to all those friends I want you to know I have loved you and always will love you. Thanks for showing me the way to life. Life wouldn’t be the same if you were all not a part of this great journey.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Burning Flame That Hopes

Once there was a flame that burnt so high that it almost burnt the heavens down. Even angels couldn’t escape such fire and wrath upon their shoulder. When this has happened the heavens out casted all fallen angels into a firing pit, a pit that burns in fire “Hell”. Angels and Demons they all fight amongst us. Deep inside us human’s catastrophe takes place. Somehow we realize we could be that angel or demon, hence they all live in us.

Have you known that even angels fall sometime? I may not be any angel but I have fallen. Fallen so deep that the flame, is burning inside me. Burning me so bright that darkness has begun to consume all over me. Once darkness takes hold of you it ain’t too easy to escape the taste of hell. You need not rest in peace for your soul to overtake upon this yet it automatically devours within you to take you to a place where you are lost forever. Loneliness, fear, doubt anxiety they all rush within you and you cant seem to find the answers you seek. Once all these react within you, you begin to fight it but with wrestles hopeless efforts of trial you seek ones communication, a communication that brings you peace, serenity that can restore your senses, that gives you love, refreshes you and energizes you. You wait upon this one communication from the one person you always count on, with helpless efforts it never comes to you, now your feeble life has ended. Then you begin to rely on the one thing we all rely upon.


Hope is out there, the distance between us has only left me with Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, Hope for Forgiveness, Hope for another chance. I Hope you will always be on my mind, tell me now, will the stars guide me back into your arms again where I can once again find solemn and peace. It is very easy to Love you, but letting go is the hardest thing to do. “Sorry” has been said a thousand times, does the sound of my tears saying im sorry fall on your ears. Theres so much I can do or say… im only human and im just  a woman, I make mistakes that’s my human way. The demon inside me took over me, my anger my frustration, my irritation I took out on you. I never meant this to destroy us, destroy you. Forgive me and correct me not love me and leave me. Stand by me till the end, till the earth falls apart and the heavens cry out loud. Wasn’t that the Promise we made? 

Today I have nothing left to believe in, nothing left to hold on to, but my own words my own thoughts and the only Hope I' am left is, the love you promised, Always & Forever.


I use to think that life is fine
But now I see it was all a lie
You touched my heart and went away
And now I’m back alone in dismay

I wonder how it slipped away
Promises were broken on that day
And now the love you gave has gone away
I’m left with nothing but only hope today

So Hold On, I say… “Everything is going to be okay”
So Hold On, I say… “I wait for you everyday”
So just hold on I say…..

I use to think you were made for me
But now I know you weren’t that one
Because you gave up on our love
And walked out and never turned back

I’m so lost, so confused, what do I do
I’m sorry for all the wrong I’ve done
I never meant to hurt you or break you
So please forgive and forget I beg of you

You took my life and threw it back, straight back at me yeah…..
I love you and I need you, please come stay…..

Suddenly all songs turns to a melody that has no rhythm anymore. Like a silent prayer that cannot be heard but inside your praying for that one thing you want.You pray that the angel inside you saves you from hell. You seek for forgiveness. Here is my song to you my loved one. I hope and pray that Hope may bring us closer to each other again. Let the blessings fall upon us and let’s give it one shot. Let the mighty savior hear my cries and restore my love through HOPE once again.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Life as it comes......

"Life" has anyone ever stopped to wonder what this term could actually be and how it may imply on a persons actual life. Well This is my story about "Me and My LIFE".

Life for some is great, however for some it could be very unfortunate. Well in my case lets just say i'm stuck in a bit of both. Mostly more towards the unlucky side I would say. Here is where my story begins.

Life somehow through time takes you to places where one cant understand. its beyond comprehension. its a matter of fact where you need to figure out which step to take next. Do you take the path that leads you to success or the other to failure?...

Many advice to follow the one route we all want to go through, the path of righteousness where our mind, body and soul can then find eternal peace, solitude and grasp in moments of happiness. Moments of oneness with your self. What is Happiness you may ask? I find happiness being around family , does that happiness complete your Life? does this happiness complete me and my life? is that the only source of happiness? or could there be more paths and ways to find happiness?  Some require happiness in forms that sometimes you find it difficult to find however, Happiness defers to each individual, yet to me My true happiness is found through "Love". I strongly believe if Love is surrounding us Happiness finds its way to you.

Today I seem to have lost my way through it all. I once found myself entangled with greatness, fame and Love, but it all just somehow seem to slip away... far away from me. Life has turned out to be a true nightmare where reality hits you so hard that you wake up and you find it impossible to face another day. Yes I Chatz is at that state today.