Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Gotta Love London !

Here I am back in the city after 1 busy that the world says "It Never Sleeps" so true... so much to do so much to shop, Food, Fashion, Fun, Friends and Family.....simply.... Fabulous.... :)

Having great friends such as my beautiful eyes, my Christina here in White City im seeing London all over again in a whole new perspective. Enjoying new moments which I never thought I would or could once again back where I grew as a person and met many great friends during the 5years I lived here.

A time to cease all pain. A time to wake up and enjoy Life as it comes. With much mixed emotions I walk around great london with many thoughts to my self that I cannot share with anyone but me! Im feeling new things that I thought I would never ever feel, it's like my senses are awakeneing me. If im honest to myslef even I dont know what is happening to me.

But what I do know is spending time with Shanika, Christina, Tobi and lots of my friends and even new friends... I have forgotten what it truly is to live life to the fullest.

Dining out, Arts that speaks to your heart, spending your hard earnt money on labels instead of love is something I never felt gulity about.. and that you can do right here in London!:) cinema and popcorn and a good old laughing time with a girlfriend as great as Stina, a great girl movie like "bridesmaids" is sure a great night out.. but wait.. the pubs.. the beer... the cocktails and the JD's ooooohhhh the MUSIC???? you gotta love LONDON!

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