Monday, October 17, 2011

Story Behind Obsessive Love......

After all the stressful rushing around and putting together my First original single "Obsessive Love" I finally have gotten some free time in my hands to write:) So Today I write The story behind my song.

Obsessive Love is something that could happen to anyone knowingly or unknowingly in a relationship. During an intense deep Skype conversation between me and my good friend Anna, I was inspired by her  to take on this title for the song. Annaki made time to make me realise that I too once had an obsessive love for a person very close to my heart. In time I studied that  "Love" us humans experaince when in a relationship is a wheel that spins in our life. This wheel if however spins in the wrong direction, this is what you are left with. I have broken it down to four stages as highlighted in my song.

First Stage - First Verse:
This is the stage that makes our hearts wobble and gives us butterfly feelings in our tummies. The stage that you see a person and immediately you are mesmerized and taken away and you know in a second that you and the other person are meant to be. So with sudden feelings you wonder if this is the begining of something new?

Second Stage - Second Verse
The confused stage, without you knowing it your ruining your relationship with jealousy. Jealousy comes to all of us when in love with someone in a deep manner. It is rather not healthy but feelings of doubt sure does take over. So you are now in  a relationship and growing together in-spite of your differences however one suddenly wonders if its me that person needs or is there someone else out there? These insecurities are hard to be controlled in a world that is full of available options. Yet one must understand that true love has no options and the only option is you and your partner.

Third Stage - Bridge
Disaster stage has begun. With great wonder you begin to realize is this where it ends for us? Yes suddenly destruction find its way to destroy your relationship. It could be for any reasons like mistakes and regrets one has made. Through anger you fight the rush of rage. Frustration, anxiety, depression all this begins and makes you weak as a person. You want to escape but you somehow don't know how.

Stage Four - Chorus
The stage that gives you hope to live. With Complete complicated emotions you begin to think that the bad times have come, sure it has but nothing lasts forever because the good times are just ahead of you. The Chorus highlights feelings that how one realizes the stress of wanting to be with the one you love. It is hard to let go yet its a matter of fact of how much time you allow yourself to do. Time is a great healer so they say and now I say. Someway somehow you begin to fight your way back through it all with courage and hope for a better future, perhaps another Love.

I hope that all of you in some way might find its way to relate to this song. If You don't your a unique Star that shines in someones life:) but to many of us we have experienced the Obsessive Love Wheel. It is up to you to cherrish what you have in the relationship. Save the good throw the bad and spin the wheel in the correct direction. Less heartache the better:)

Remember life is full of choices. The right ones will Perish while the wrong ones will Destroy you. Seek and choose your next relationship Wisely.

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