Saturday, September 17, 2011


A Soul is Eternal! It has One beginning and No End. How you nurture your soul is completely in ones hands. For many of us we forget to nurture and enrich our souls to higher standards. We forget to feed our souls with good deeds. Acts of Love, Kindness, Forgiveness are a few deeds among many other that one could preserve somewhere deep within to enhance the beauty of your soul.

I have met and still continue meeting humans who have Two kinds of Souls. Some carry Goodness and Greatness in them where as sadly many have darkened souls that are hidden in the depths of destruction.

Annaki, You however certainly know how to hold a Beautiful yet a Pure Soul. A soul that is filled with goodness beyond imagination. You are one in a million that perseveres such purity. If one knew you they would instantly be mesmerized by your golden heart that is filled with much Love which is the key as to why your soul is so Beautiful to me.

Your existence in my life is greatly thanked to the high  one above each day, and off course I take this opportunity to tell you how precious you are to me. Words cant express my appreciation of your love to me. Day to day knowing i'm loved by you endlessly, I have reasons to be strong because of humans like you. I thank you today for being my strength during hard times.

You have once again without a shadow of doubt proved to me how wonderful life is to have you and your Beautiful Soul!

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