Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Safely returned home, back in sunny exotic Sri Lanka. Thinking about the great time I have had in London, I just cant get enough of it as my heart screams to go back there. Feeling unwell after an operation that I have had due to excess toxic of pure alcohol ...  hmmmm now whose to be blamed for such intake? my partners in crime off course.. Yes Christina and Matilda I greatly miss you two deeply.

Trying, but very painfully I sit in bed right now thinking how much you made my trip alive with all the love, laughter and off course during my hurtful times you two were both there for me and in fact you still continue to give me all your love. You both showed me that the distance between any ocean nor any mountain or any barrier could not break or tear our friendship a part.

Thank you for being two amazing human souls who have been there for me during this difficult time. I Miss You deeply and cant wait to spend more moments together soon. Till then my Swedish beauties, Skype Dates and various other technology will keep us all close to each other at all times.

All My Love and Thoughts........

I MISS YOU!.................

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