Wednesday, June 29, 2011

City of Time!

Tis the time to Love a City, a place full of Life, full of Energy. Growing up in a place so warm, beautiful and breathtaking is surely a gift. Having traveled many great cities and great countries and yet have found None that can be compared to the Blessed Island "The Pearl of the Indian ocean" My country, My Sri Lanka.

Being away from home and coming back and spending all these months back in sunny Colombo, I have realized what life is and what potential it has for me and always will. Colombo brings out the true me.

Being surrounded by family, friends, loved ones and everyone and anyone is such a warm deep feeling inside. A feeling of Love that captures our hearts and connects each and everyone of us in a whole different level. As the city is small in its size it somehow seems that in this city everyone always knows someone. Its a mystery chain that is linked with many wires that cannot be broken even if gone abroad or not. A connection so strong that only a few realize how to appreciate it.

Many travel seeking that connection for life's existence, to make life more lively more worthy to live for, but for some of us it is already there where ever you are. It all happens when you least expect it. So stop the struggle of finding happiness, just embrace it as it comes. Surely god created man and woman for companionship so not you nor me will ever be alone anymore.

Time is a great healer indeed. Believe in it and do your time, and at last you will find true Happiness without any doubt. Through Time and space, today I stand in a place far from where I was before. It slowly gradually opens you up to accept life as it is and simply appreciate for all what its given for you.

If your in any place that is deep and is struggling to get out remember my friend I too was in it and now through Time it set me Free. Here's A quote that makes me belive and I would like to remind us all through this quote embrace the beauty of life before Time runs out on you!

"Yesterday Is History,Tomorrow is a Mystery, But Today is a Gift, That is why its called The Present"
(Kung Fu Panda)

Enjoy The Present that is been given to you. Remember 'Nothing is Impossible', You just Got To Believe and let Time Travel with you!

Peace and Love, Chatz xoxo

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