Sunday, May 22, 2011

Traffic Lights

Red says "STOP" we stop. 
Yellow says "Get Ready" we are half way there.
Green says "GO"  GO it is.........

At certain times due to the circumstance we all are put into a time of trial. The road we travel is a mystery that's out there. During our travel time we face many obstacles, "Traffic Lights" are a sure delay that puts our lives on hold for a period of time.We all get stuck in it no matter how much we try to avoid or run pass a light, we eventually come across another.

Likewise certain people walk into your life at different time frames! In mine many have walked in and walked out! Has it happened in yours?

A friend, a brother, a companion, a teacher, a lover, a lovely person you are to me! Are you not seeing the straight light ahead? Don't worry, be happy cause we both know that in time you will see that light, the one light that guides us to eternal life. This light will be bright and it will shine right through you!

I may be not the one for you, your destiny allows you to be with her! Yet my friendship and loyalty I surrender it all. I will always be there for you as you have during my struggle of time. I will not abandon you even if so the world may do.

Remember I myself am stuck at a traffic light, the Red kept me waiting for 8 long long months that felt like 80 years, and now I'm stuck at Yellow where I'm kept in between and to see the Green, I don't know how long more...

My friend I believe you are at a point where you too are stuck at a traffic light. However my prayers are going to take you right pass it sooner than you know. All the sessions of our youth time spent together which where you yourself taught us, spoke to us, today right now I tell you, I remind you, your own words "God will take care of you till the end" therefore "Be not afraid"

All the way till the end I will treasure you and keep your footprints in my heart close to me forever. What ever difficulty you and me we all face in life remember my dear one its just a matter of time as each traffic light we face the road still continues ahead. So buckle up the journey is long be Strong! 

GO GREEN........

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