Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Like a fresh breath of air you come into my life so sudden so soon…
Who are you to make me smile and tell me everything is going to be ok? Seize that
moment seize that thought, let time freeze the pain and bring me back to life. I
know I got a long, long way to go, but tell me how do I fill the
emptiness inside? All this pain does it go away? You walk in and
suddenly I find myself dazing and gazing about a feeling that I can’t
get my hands around. Could it be possible to feel again? A week and
already so much emotions, confusion, frustration. Cannot keep it all
in anymore.. Am I to let it out? who do I tell that this sensation is
incredible leaving me stunned, speechless. Am I a prisoner in your love?,
caught up in a world where I don’t seem to have any more access..
This spark each time I see you, keeps haunting me, knowing that the touch
to your soul is so far from near. My body is craving for your touch,
your warmth, your taste, your love. It’s never been this difficult to
be sensual and want you. I wonder if I will ever see you again. Now
and forever will you be my man? Could you kiss me on my salty lips and I bet you
would feel crazy about me…would it be my fault if I could turn you on?
Could I jump on you, turn you upside down and don’t wanna waste more time…
Grab that moment and steal a piece of time, make a memory and seal it
in a box. Could I hold on to that?

There are many pieces that is yet to be fixed to its exact place, this
mystery of life has left me with a puzzle in my thoughts. Can you
please help me unravel it? This can’t come as any surprise to you
because you know you want me too… don’t you? My bed is getting colder,
colder than ice, where is that fire that melted my heart and soul?
Without you one night alone I can’t handle it no more, do you have a heart of
stone? Many dreams untold instead let’s unfold them together again?
What’s lost can be found through space, through time.

Sitting in a black hole waiting for your hand in help and there you
are smiling back at me, you brought another dimension another light into my life. Have
you awakened my soul again? When one dream is shattered another is
meant to open. Are you my new dream? I have nothing to offer you but
my one last breath. So breathe on me you have one last chance. Take it or Leave it!.

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