Monday, April 25, 2011


A friend spoke to me about facing crossroads bravely. Whichever road you decide to take there is no right or wrong unless you design your destiny to fit its pattern accordingly to suit your needs and wants.

Many face this obstacle trying to make a decision when met at a crossroad. Some take shortcuts to achieve their dreams and future goals; others take the long route and let wisdom guide you. However some accomplish either route they take where as some trying in doing so fail. I certainly don’t know what lies ahead for me as they all say it sure is god’s plan for me which ever route I may take. Whatever that path maybe my only prayer now is it will lead me to serenity where I once can be brought to peace of mind.

Past several months of struggle to climb the ladder of life leaves me at times falling, still I know I must eventually pick myself up because there is no one else who would come to you in aid when you need them the most. Especially the ones you expect. Instead with the help of those who are around you I will rise again so high that neither you nor anyone can bring me down ever again.

A day comes to us all where you look back and praise god for each trial that he has put you through as you soon begin to see the victories ahead of you. I know that day will come for me too.

So here I stand at a crossroad deciding which path to choose, to carry out life and bring it to the next level. With god’s grace and sufficiency I pray that I will walk in the right valleys’, desserts, highways, and mountains, even cross the oceans so I can find solitude and blessings that will endure upon me to re-start my life all over again.

Strange how life suddenly allows you to start over. Pick up the broken pieces and fix it to a place that fix to its exact location. I certainly don’t know where or what will be my next place, in fact I don’t even know where life will take me next. But what I do know is I must overcome and face this crossroad bravely and choose the path to success as I believe that, “It is the Weak that Falls, yet the Strong shall Rise”

Now which Route do I take to begin this long journey ahead?????

I also know that it is not one crossroad that we will have to face in life but much more. For me this is just the Beginning.............

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