Friday, November 5, 2010

Life as it comes......

"Life" has anyone ever stopped to wonder what this term could actually be and how it may imply on a persons actual life. Well This is my story about "Me and My LIFE".

Life for some is great, however for some it could be very unfortunate. Well in my case lets just say i'm stuck in a bit of both. Mostly more towards the unlucky side I would say. Here is where my story begins.

Life somehow through time takes you to places where one cant understand. its beyond comprehension. its a matter of fact where you need to figure out which step to take next. Do you take the path that leads you to success or the other to failure?...

Many advice to follow the one route we all want to go through, the path of righteousness where our mind, body and soul can then find eternal peace, solitude and grasp in moments of happiness. Moments of oneness with your self. What is Happiness you may ask? I find happiness being around family , does that happiness complete your Life? does this happiness complete me and my life? is that the only source of happiness? or could there be more paths and ways to find happiness?  Some require happiness in forms that sometimes you find it difficult to find however, Happiness defers to each individual, yet to me My true happiness is found through "Love". I strongly believe if Love is surrounding us Happiness finds its way to you.

Today I seem to have lost my way through it all. I once found myself entangled with greatness, fame and Love, but it all just somehow seem to slip away... far away from me. Life has turned out to be a true nightmare where reality hits you so hard that you wake up and you find it impossible to face another day. Yes I Chatz is at that state today.

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